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The 5 reasons ABS is the right choice for you:

  1. “White Glove” Quality of Service
    1. Imagine a world where you never have to speak to an automated phone line! You get to talk to a Real-Person with 1 phone call every time
    2. Your free personal insurance coaches are Industry Experts who have been doing this for 20+ years you can reach out to anytime for advice without the pressure of a sale
    3. Our services go way beyond just this one sale. We will provide you with:
      1. Important updates about your policy in real time
      2. Future opportunities for you to hedge your financial risks as your life changes over time
      3. A family operated shop you can come to for ALL of your life insurance and retirement planning needs (life, annuities, disability, long-term care, life settlements and advance insurance financial planning)
  2. We want to help you become an Educated Buyer
    1. If we do nothing else, we want you to walk away feeling that you’ve learned something
    2. We allow you to get the answers to the questions you have through the free information on our website
    3. If you don’t feel like teaching yourself or you want to talk to one of our coaches, we will also be there to support your education process completely for free
  3. We are a Family-Owned Business
    1. We are a multi-generational family business that has been operating since January 1997. This business is our family. Therefore, our customers, YOU, are our family
    2. We put our blood, sweat and occasionally tears into building this practice from the ground up. Every interaction you have with us is not just a reflection on our business, but a reflection on our families so we treat them that way
    3. As members of our family, we will continue to look out for you and your loved ones until death do us part
  4. We Customize your insurance plan to fit You and your Family’s Needs
    1. We want to get to know you, your family and understand your individual needs, goals and worries
    2. By doing this we can mold your insurance financial plan to you saving your future-self time, money and exposures to risk
  5. We have a very quick and simple process to getting you insured
    1. We respect our customers’ time– we know that our customers have an urgency to get the insurance process done in the most efficient, hassle-free and productive way possible
    2. We’ve spent 20+ years crafting our process and we strongly believe it is an industry best

Just A Few Simple Steps

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