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Our Mission

Hi and Welcome to the American Brokerage Services, Inc. (ABS) Family!

We’re excited to have you here and we are looking forward to guiding you through your insurance buying experience.

ABS’s purpose is to partner with you to help protect your lifestyle and provide peace of mind.

We also align our goals with yours. We understand that your time and your money are two of your most valuable possessions and we feel the exact same way! That is why we guarantee to make your insurance buying process as quick and easy as possible.

Lastly, it is our hope that by the time you leave this site you will have gained three things:

  1. Some Unbiased Knowledge of the Insurance Industry
  2. A better idea of what insurance is best for you as well as an estimate of the price
  3. An Understanding that the insurance buying process doesn’t always have to be difficult

A Brief History of ABS

Founded in January 1997 by Steve Delaney, Dan Dubyk and Dan Smyth, ABS began its journey into the insurance industry as a brokerage now servicing over 7,000 licensed agents located in all 50 states as well as 80+ Insurance Companies.

Over the years ABS has transformed our business model as a pure broker of Life Insurance, Annuities, Long-Term Care, Disability and Life Settlements to where we are today, acting as both a broker and consultant. We have accumulated immense industry and product knowledge that has allowed us to take on the role as full-time advanced insurance planners for the clients of Certified Financial Planners, CPA’s and Financial Advisors across the country.

ABS has now made the natural progression to servicing our client base face-to-face, acting as the agent of the client, as opposed to the broker. This allows us to bring our expert knowledge directly to you, the consumer, without waiting for your agent to first contact us. Good News, your expert Insurance Advice is now just 1 click or call away!

Why we Do It

At our core, we know that our knowledge of the insurance industry is second to none and thus our actions here at ABS stand to make a difference in the lives of countless others.

We work every day with the thought that a family continues on after the loss of a father or mother. Employees and businesses will continue on after the loss of a business owner. A retiree is enjoying what really are their golden years, visiting with family and friends, and vacationing regularly without fear of ever outliving their money. A mother maintains her dignity and grace while receiving assisted living in her own home or a facility. Life goes on, expenses are covered, and meals are on the table despite the challenges of an illness or injury.

We’re in the insurance business and damn proud of it! We understand the perception of insurance – but the products, services and case design we provide can give you and your family more than just comfort that protections are in place. Thanks to our new platform, we can provide you with support you can look forward to. We want to provide you with sound protection and perhaps a 30-year vacation called retirement!

That’s honestly the way we think here at ABS. Yes, we all want to think “it won’t happen to me,” but bad things happen unexpectedly… things that are beyond our control.  The insurance solutions we represent make unfortunate events more manageable.  ABS’s purpose is to partner with you to help protect lifestyles and provide peace of mind.


Daniel J. Smyth, Principal
Head of Life Division

Steven Delaney, Principal
Head of the Annuity Division

Daniel Dubyk, Principal
Head of Operations and Advanced Sales

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