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Disability Insurance

  • Protects your family from loss of income if you are not able to work due to Injury or Illness
    • Great product for people under Age 50
    • More likely to become disabled than to die so in that aspect it may be even more important to young families than Life Insurance
    • Typical person who purchases a Disability Insurance policy has as an income of at least $75k/year or is a Small/Medium sized business owner.
    • What needs to happen for you to qualify for benefits?
      • The Insurance Company will only ask you 1 question and if the answer is “No” then you will qualify for benefits, “Can you perform the duties of the occupation that you were working in at the time of claim?”
    • The company will not force the person back to work/stop paying benefit, so as long as they are continuing to show they cannot perform the specific occupation they were engaged in at time of disability
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